Saturday, February 27, 2010

Preparing and Fundraising

We have been preparing diligently for our upcoming trip to Oradea, Romania. We have all been working hard on presentations that we will be giving Monday through Thursday mornings and practicing how to speak with a translator. We are also preparing the activities that we will be doing with the patients, families, and staff while we are there. Monday we meet to pack our supplies and Friday, March 5th we meet at the airport at 7am to head out! We are less than a week away from departure, and we are ready to serve! We can't wait to meet the children, families and staff that we will be working with. Below are some photos from our recent fundraising events that we started at the beginning of December.

We gift wrapped at Barnes and Noble in early December for donations. It was very successful and we had a blast! We had a garage sale at the end of January that did very well considering the very rainy weather. For the next few weeks, our second garage sale was cancelled due to the very snowy and cold weather. Today, we were able to finally have our second garage sale. By mid-day it was already showing to be a wonderful success!
This was a picture of another one of our fundraisers. It was a fun night at BlackFinn Saloon in Arlington that hosts "Mixers that Matter" happy hours. We had an incredible experience working with their staff and managment and had a very successful evening.
We are so blessed to have had the turn-out at each of these fundraisers and are blessed to have seen amazing provision as a group and individuals to be able to go on this mission trip. Thank you to all of you who have helped and are helping make this trip possible. We are very ready and very excited to get there!

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