Friday, March 12, 2010

Tears of Joy

Today we visited an orphanage and met with many of the staff from there. The orphanage was in Arad which is about an hour and a half away. It was an incredible place and made our hearts smile like you can't imagine!!! It is modeled off of many group homes in America. It was very clean and well-kept with a terrific program. They even have a dog on the grounds for the kids to love on. :) We will post pictures soon of this.

Then we went on to a private hospital in Arad that specializes in OB-GYN and small surgeries. It was the cleanest hospital I have ever been in. It is about 6 months old and it took a while to make the vision of the hospital actually happen. Elijah's cousin is one of the main doctors there and delivered Tori when she was born. He was a warm and friendly man with a heart of gold. They were very proud of what they had in Arad as they should be. It was truly beautiful. Again - pictures will come.

Then we stopped in a village on the way home to take in yet another grocery store and a jewelry store with Romanian silver. :)

When we returned to Oradea, we went and ate at the restaraunt that we ate at Sunday night and had an amazing time visiting with all of the Soritau's - all of them were there including the kids. :) We also had another incredible dessert - we are eating our way around Romania!!!!

We ended the night giving the Soritau's all of our left-over American food and medicine and supplies! :) And then we spent time praying for them and another one of the students here. It was such a special time getting to love on them and pour into them. They have been amazing at showing us hospitality and pouring into us this week so this time was extra special.

We leave tomorrow morning for Budapest. We leave with tears of joy...we are leaving our passion and shared love for children and new skills with some very competent and passionate people. We are excited to see what lies ahead and we are certain we will return to Romania to see even more of a vision being accomplished. We have met our Romanian soul mates and we are so humbled... With tears of joy and hope we say, "Pace, and see you again soon, Romania and Emanuel!!!"

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