Saturday, March 6, 2010

We had a smooth flight from NYC to Budapest, and another 3 and 1/2 hour drive to Oradea. We had a brief stop at the border, several of us were rather nervous! Turns out we just needed another stamp in the passport. We had nice drivers who took very good care of us but the driving here is a little scary!

We have received a very warm welcome from Emanuel University. Our host and hostess, Elijah and Raelene Soritau, prepared and served a homemade dinner on their patio just outside their apartment. We enjoyed hearing a brief history of Romania and all the things we will look forward to this week. From the view of the balcony windows, we could see it snowing!

At this point we are checking in with family, emailing and settling in for the evening. We've got to try and stay up a little later to fight the jet lag. Phase 10 anyone?


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted. I wondered whether you would have Internet access. How large is Oreadea? I had no clue what Phase 10 was but Nancy explained it to me.
    I am praying for your mission and you.

  2. Hello everyone , glad you all made it safe! I know your tried but you will have a blast and learn lots. I am so excited for each and everyone one on this trip. Enjoy and stay warm. Let Janis know I got her text! We are praying for safe and fun trip! Lots of pictures I hope and wonderful stories. Texas was a little cool and overcast with lots of rain next two days . So enjoy the snow and stay warm. Good night from Texas and lookforward to checking the blog each day :) night and God Bless, heather

  3. Oradea has 210,000 people and is the 10th largest city in area. Only 3% are Baptist or what is referred to here as "believers."